February 24, 2020

Sr. Harriet's First Profession of Vows

Yesterday, Sunday February 23rd, Sr. Harriet made her first profession at Chapter before Sunday Mass.  Sr. Gail read from the Rule of St. Benedict, M. Rebecca gave a talk for Sr. Harriet's profession.  Sr. Harriet read and signed her profession schedule and then received the black scapular and leather belt of a professed sister.  At dinner we celebrated with Sr. Harriet and had a very nice meal.
Sr. Gail
M. Rebecca reading her talk

Sr. Harriet reading her profession schedule

Signing her profession schedule
Clothed with the black scapular and leather belt

Sr. Anna (junior director) and Sr. Harriet
Opening a gift at dinner

January 27, 2020

Sr. Nettie Gamble's Silver Jubilee

On January 25, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, our Sr. Nettie celebrated 25 years as a professed Cistercian nun.  We had a special celebration of the Eucharist with Fr. David Bauch  of New Melleray Abbey celebrating.  He gave a wonderful sermon, reminding us that our religion is a person, Jesus and that we have all that we need to follow him and  bring him more fully into the world as did persons like Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa.

After the Eucharist we had a celebratory dinner with the community.  Sr. Nettie shared on the most important events in her monastic life.  Blessings on the next 25 years, Sr. Nettie!

December 31, 2019

Merry Christmas!

 Every year a few days before Christmas a few sisters go out to the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree for our refectory.  We have a tree farm and lots of woods so there are many to choose from.  This year we chose a Norway spruce.  It is a very wide tree.
The day before  Christmas Eve the tree is decorated.
 This year the tree was decorated with mostly items from nature.  The garland was gold ribbon and the tree top decoration was a whimsical angel.  It all looked very elegant.
Tree top Angel
Bird's Nest

Hydrangea and Pine Cones

November 6, 2019

55 Years in Iowa

Srs. Gail and Joan
On November 4th we celebrated our 55th anniversary of foundation.  We were founded from Mount St. Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, MA. in 1964.  We have two foundresses remaining at Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey.  Our day was filled with gratitude and memories of all who came on the foundation and all who have helped us over the years especially the monks of New Melleray Abbey.

September 21, 2019


Sr. Madeleine
We had an amazing garden this year.  We have eaten tomatoes at every meal, absolutely delicious!  There is now gallons upon gallons of spaghetti sauce in the freezer and we are still enjoying summer squash, kale,garlic and other produce from the garden.  Our two novices are in charge of the garden and are doing a wonderful job!
Sr. Harriet