April 12, 2019

Burning the Prairie

It is spring and an ideal day came this past week to burn our natural prairie.  It must be a calm day with no wind with rain soon in the forecast.  The prairie is located on the left hand side of our road as you drive onto the property.  In a few weeks the prairie will become a blanket of spring green.  I will post a picture when it happens.

April 7, 2019

Sr. Marie Madeleine Receives the Cistercian Habit

Laura receiving the habit from M. Rebecca
Today at Chapter our postulant Laura received the habit of a Cistercian novice.  She also received a new name of her own choosing, Sr. Marie Madeleine.  Sr. Marie Madeleine has a deep devotion to St. Mary Magdalene and chose the French version of the name.

Sr. Marie Madeleine in choir

Sr. Marie Madeleine and Sr. Joan
Srs. Harriet and Marie Madeleine
The novitiate and M. Rebecca

March 4, 2019

Visit with Dom Armand Veilleux

Dom Armand Veilleux stopped by to visit the community after he attended a planning meeting in Chicago for the upcoming International Lay Cistercian meeting.  Dom Armand is the retired abbot of Scormont Abbey in Belgium, the abbey that is famous for its beer.
He is very knowledgeable about matters of the church and of our order.  As a young monk he attended all the sessions of Vatican II, and recently he attended the beatification of the our martyred  Atlas brothers in Algeria.  He visited the brothers 2 months before they were abducted.

Dom Armand gave us several talks including the history of early Cistercian documents that even today guide our life, the history of the monastery in Algeria and several spiritual talks.  He is very interesting and his breadth of knowledge is amazing.

October 8, 2018


       Sr. Carol                                       Sr. Barbara                                       Sr. Gail                             Sr. Lillian                         
On October 6th we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of four Cistercian sisters.  Srs. Gail and Carol from OLM Abbey, Sr. Barbara from Our Lady of the Angels Abbey in Virginia and Sr. Lillian an OLM Abbey sister who has lived as a hermit in Florida for the last 30 years.

Srs. Gail and Barbara shared initial formation together at Mount St. Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, MA. and were clothed together and made both simple and Solemn profession together.  Srs. Gail and Lillian came on the foundation to OLM and Sr. Barabara went on the foundation some years later to Our Lady of the Angels.  Sr. Carol was a Mercy sister in Cedar Rapids, IA and entered OLM in the early 1970's.
Dom Mark Scott, our father immediate from New Melleray Abbey presided at the Eucharist and the sisters renewed their vows after the Gospel was read.

June 18, 2018

Community Retreat

Dom Gerard
Last week our community had its annual retreat.  This year Dom Gerard from Genesse Abbey south of Rochester in New York preached the retreat.  It was a wonderful retreat.  His conferences were deep and thought provoking.  He spoke on many subjects ranging from our deepest desire for God as the only source of real happiness, acedia as an overlying state in our society, the importance of stability in our monastic life to aid us to go deeper, Marian spirituality and many other things.
We were blessed with good weather so it was possible to spend time in nature.