July 22, 2013

Update on Our Sculpture Environment

The environment for the Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey sculpture is almost completed.  We are waiting on the lighting to be installed.

It features 3 small waterfalls and running water over the rock base of the sculpture.  It is landscaped with vinca and small bushes.

The rocks used are from our property or river rocks for the water features.  The sculpture can be accessed from either the front or back on rock paths. We are so happy to have such a beautiful space for all to enjoy as they enter the abbey church.

July 4, 2013

A Week of Special Classes

We have had a very interesting week of classes give by Tyler Sergent, a professor at Berea College in Kentucky. 

The classes were on William of Saint-Thierry on the Spiritual Life.  We studied William's life and way of thinking and aspects of the spiritual life as given in his writings.  William was a 12th century Cistercian monk, one of the Cistercian fathers. These classes are so helpful in opening up texts for us for further study and deeper understanding.

Berea College, Tyler informed us is a very unique place.  It is a very good liberal arts college that has been racially integrated since its beings in the 1800's.  Students do not pay tuition.  They are all required to study, work and give service to the Appalachian population that they live in.