August 25, 2022

Visit from our Archbishop

 Last Saturday on the feast of St. Bernard  Archbishop Jackels came to celebrate Mass and to have brunch with us afterwards.  We have not visited with him for a few years because of the covid crisis.

We caught up on diocesan news and news of our community.  He has a great sense of humor so it was fun too!

August 16, 2022

Sr. Annie Rose Marie and Sr. Mary Therese receive the Cistercian habit

On Monday August 15th, the feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, our two novices received the Cistercian habit after Chapter.  The event brought great joy to all the community.  The two novices served as gift bearers at Mass.  At dinner we had a celebratory meal.
Check the gallery for more pictures.

Srs. Chris, Annie, M. Rebecca, Mary, Kathleen

August 3, 2022


This past weekend a group of about 20 young people, ages 14 to college age came to OLM to learn about monastic life.  They joined us for prayer in the chapel and visited with some sisters during meals at our Welcome center.  They toured our farm on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday after Mass they all met with a panel of sisters for questions and answers.  We really enjoyed them and they seemed to enjoy their time at OLM.

hey seemed to have enjoyed the time with us too.