April 25, 2022

Spring Has Come!

We had a beautiful Easter.  Our sanctuary was decorated with many spring flowers for the occasion.

During Easter week we burned our prairie as we do every spring.  This practice promotes growth of the grasses and releases flower seeds into the ground.  The prairie is home to much wildlife  including rabbits birds, deer and mice.

April 16, 2022

Planting Potatoes on Good Friday

It has been a long standing tradition of ours to plant potatoes on Good Friday morning, weather permitting.  Yesterday the skies were clear although it was only in the 40's and very windy so we were able to plant.  We are still eating our potatoes from last year and should have enough to take us into the summer months.

April 11, 2022

Sr. Madeleine Renews Her Vows

Sr. Madeleine making her vow of obedience
This morning our Sr. Madeleine renewed her vows.  She made her first profession a year ago today.  Junior professed renew their vows every year up to solemn profession.

Sr. Madeleine is in charge of our vegetable garden.  She has been busy growing and tending seedlings of all sorts.


Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday as the beginning of Holy Week which is now upon us.  We began the liturgy in our Chapter Room with the distribution of palm branches ( we actually use foliage from our property; pussy willows,  dogwood branches, pine boughs).  We then processes to the church, singing for the Eucharist.











There are all kinds of signs of spring around.  The crocus are blooming and the first of the daffodils have flowered.


 We keep all of our family and friends very much in prayer this special time of year.  May your week be blessed!