July 22, 2021


Back in May Sr. Joan's dog died.  When she lived in her hermitage for over 30 years she always had a dog.  When she came to live in the infirmary she really missed having a dog.  It was a difficult transition for her so we decided to help in the transition we would get her a dog.  By the end of May we were searching for another dog and found Sammy.  Sammy is a puppy but is quickly learning about good behavior in the abbey infirmary.  He is very playful but also likes to cuddle with Sr. Joan. All the sisters enjoy him and visit him and Joan in the infirmary.

June 7, 2021

Sr. Madeleine's First Profession


Sr. Madeleine Beverly made her first profession on April 11th, Divine Mercy Sunday.  She professed her vows at Chapter before our Sunday Eucharist.  Sr. Madeleine is a native Floridian and graduated from the University of Notre Dame.  She spent several years with the South Bend Catholic Worker House.

Sr. Madeleine is in charge of our vegetable garden.  She is already bringing up lots of produce to the kitchen

January 5, 2021


Lots of Lights!

A few days before Christmas a couple of sisters go out into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  And they always do!

They hall it home and the day before Christmas Eve we decorate it.  This year it was a Noah's Ark tree.  All the ornaments were handmade by Sr. Grace.  The tree is in our refectory and won't be taken down until January 11th, the day after the Baptism of the Lord which ends the Christmas season.


His Wife

Our Nativity Scene

Our Beautiful Christmas Church


October 12, 2020

A Beautiful and Blessed Autumn

We have been blessed by a beautiful colorful autumn this year.  The last few years have been so wet and cool that there wasn't much color.  A guest on our property said:wherever you look it looks like a postcard. 

September 21, 2020

Potato Harvest

We completed our potato harvest last week. We harvested red,white and gold potatoes. It was a good harvest but not as plentiful as last year due to our drought.  Lots of sisters came to help in the garden.