June 29, 2022

Classes with Fr. Michael Casey

This past week we had classes with Fr. Michael Casey.  Fr. Michael, a Cistercian monk from our Australian house, Tararawa Abbey.  He is a well know spiritual writer and presenter.  The classes were on humility, especially the topic of humility in the Rule of St. Benedict and how to interpret it. 

Fr. Michael Casey










Two monks from Gethsemani Abbey also came to tape Fr. Michael giving a class on the constitutions of our order.  One of the monks name is Lazarus.  We had some fun with that as we have a Mary and a Martha in our community.

Fr. Lawrence

Mary, Lazarus, Martha

June 6, 2022

Babysitting a Fawn

We have a fawn that has been coming with its mother and spending the day on our front lawn.  The mother brings it and then leaves to forage for food.  She checks on her fawn every once in a while.  The fawn mostly sleeps and sometimes it is hard to see when it is tucked in the grass asleep.

May 16, 2022


Our Srs. Harriet and Madeleine recently returned from the annual junior professed meeting at our monastery of the Holy Cross in Berryville, Virginia.  Each year the junior professed monks and nuns of our order gather at one of our monasteries for a few weeks of classes and an opportunity to get to know each other and life at another monastery.

This year Fr. Michael Casey from our abbey in Australia was the teacher.  Fr. Michael has written extensively about monastic life and spirituality.  The main topic was community life in all of its aspects.

April 25, 2022

Spring Has Come!

We had a beautiful Easter.  Our sanctuary was decorated with many spring flowers for the occasion.

During Easter week we burned our prairie as we do every spring.  This practice promotes growth of the grasses and releases flower seeds into the ground.  The prairie is home to much wildlife  including rabbits birds, deer and mice.

April 16, 2022

Planting Potatoes on Good Friday

It has been a long standing tradition of ours to plant potatoes on Good Friday morning, weather permitting.  Yesterday the skies were clear although it was only in the 40's and very windy so we were able to plant.  We are still eating our potatoes from last year and should have enough to take us into the summer months.