July 17, 2017

O.Cist. Visitor

Wrapping spring rolls
Sr. Tran
For the past 2 weeks we had a visitor from the Cistercian Common Observance, a cousin so to speak, of our OCSO branch.  Sr. Tran from Vietnam is studying theology at the Divine Word Seminary in Epworth , Iowa.  She is on summer break and wanted  to have a few weeks in a monastery as she is missing monastic life.  We were delighted to have her.  Sr. Tran prepared a traditional Vietnamese celebration meal for us for the Feast of St. Benedict.  It was delicious!  She promises to return for Thanksgiving break and Christmas.
Spring Rolls
Fresh Ingredients
Sauce for Spring Rolls
Chicken Dish
Pork Noodle Soup
Sr. Tran with Sr. Grace

The Today Show

Last week Samantha Wender, a producer for NBC and for the Today show came to film our candy operation and our way of life.  The segment is due to air sometime in September.  The time and link to the website will be posted here as soon as we know the time and link.  Samantha was a delight and was a one woman show doing all the filming and interviewing.

July 13, 2017

Lightning Strikes Again and Again

Shaggy hickory tree
We have had a series of severe thunderstorms this week.  On Tuesday night we had a big strike right outside the senior wing.  The lightning first hit a shaggy bark hickory tree and then hit the elevator tower.  M. Rebecca heard it and thought 'how much is this one going to cost'.  In the morning we found out.  The elevator was not working, nor the fire alarm system.  The sister closest to the hit had her alarm clock fried.  The internet was also out.  Happily, it wasn't as bad as the strike we had last year and most everything was back to normal in 2 days.  Wednesday night we had another strike which severed a large limb off the oak tree next to the shaggy bark hickory tree.  It did not travel elsewhere.  We are grateful for all the rain and the gardens are beautiful.

Downed limb
severed tree