November 30, 2015

Candy Production

Sr. Kathy bagging caramels
Sr. Grace boxing caramels
As we are about to head into December we are beginning our last push to produce enough candy to fill orders.  The next big push is to ship these orders out.  We will have plenty of candy for last minute orders.  We are grateful to our customers as our candy business is what supports us financially.  We follow the Rule of St. Benedict which requires us to support ourselves by the work of our hands.

Sr. Anna feeding caramels into the coating machine

Sr. Gail putting coated caramels into boxes

November 23, 2015


When you live in eastern Iowa, not too far from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, you can be sure to run into Hawkeye football fans.  Our Sr. Carol, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a big fan and she even sports a Hawkeye outfit of sorts.  Although she cannot watch the games, we don't have a TV, she keeps up through an employee who is also a big Hawkeye fan.  They are very enthusiastic this year as the team is on a winning streak. 10 wins, 0 losses.  They have one more game to play against Nebraska this weekend and if they win they are in the finals.