April 26, 2016

Lovely Spring!

One of the prettiest times at the abbey is spring.  Colors and flowers are abundant with every shade of green imaginable!  We were lucky this year as spring came early and we are still enjoying it to the full.

Volunteer/Employee Celebration

Fr. Ephraim
We used to have our party for our employees and volunteers during the Christmas season.  A few years ago we changed the time to right after Easter because inevitably there would be a snow storm and very few people made it out to the abbey for the party.  This year we had over 50 guests.  We started with the celebration of Eucharist.  After Mass we moved into the refectory for a bruncheon.  It was wonderful seeing volunteers that we haven't seen since candy season and to visit with our employees and their families.

April 12, 2016

Community Retreat

We had our yearly community retreat last week.  It was a very blessed time.  Sr. Mary Ellen from our mother house of Mount St. Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, MA gave the conferences.  She focused on the treasures we have along the path of our life.  These are Mystical Moments, Ordinariness, Community, Forgiveness, Loneliness, Falling and Present Moment and Surrender.  These talks helped us to focus on our lives and see the gifts that our life offers us.  Sr. Mary Ellen is an Aussie and it was delightful to listen to her Australian accent.