October 10, 2023

Garden and Orchard

 We have had a very good harvest this year with many surprises.  In spite of the drought both our garden and orchards did very well.  We had a good tomato and potato harvest, along with many other vegetables.We put up lots of tomato sauce, pickled beets, sauerkraut and salsa.  We also canned plums and pears and froze lots of peaches.  The big surprise were the melons.  We always plant them but don't get much or if we do they don't ripen well.  This years we had wonderfully sweet and delicious cantaloupe and watermelon and they were BIG.  One watermelon was 35 pounds!

The best news is that we put in a greenhouse this summer in our backyard.  We will be able to grow lettuce and spinach and start our plants early for an earlier harvest.  We will also use it to start flowers for the flower beds.

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