July 14, 2014

Golden Jubilee of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey

M. Rebecca

On July 11, 2014 we opened our Golden Jubilee Year of our founding in 1964.  On July 10th the foundress present for the celebration shared memories of the founding and of the early days at OLM.  The founding community consisted of the superior, M. Columba and 12 sisters.  They came from Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham, MA.  Our sisters, Columba and Augustine and Peter have gone home to God .  Nine foundresses were here to celebrate.  Sr. Rosemary, a foundress both here and at our foundation in Norway was unable to attend.

Fr. Mark Scott

 At Chapter on the morning of the 11th we opened gifts and shared our gratitude with the foundresses.  At 10:30 the Mass for the feast of St. Benedict was celebrated.  Many of the monks from New Melleray joined us, along with guests from various houses in our order.  Mass was followed by dinner in the refectory.

                                                     MEET THE FOUNDRESSES
Betty Ann Kuhn

Sr. Mary Ann       Sr. Marjoe

Sr. Gail
Sr. Lillian

Sr. Elizabeth O.P.

Sr. Regina

Sr. Joan

Sr. Rosemary

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